Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daisyhead & The Mooncrickets | Agents of Oblivion

Agents of Oblivion is a psychedelic/blues rock group from Louisiana. While they did get to release an official album, they broke up before getting a second released. This group is unique in the Post-Acid Bath bands that Dax Riggs formed in that it actually resembles a full band. All of the other "bands" are essentially Dax performing solo. Sure, there might be an extra member here or there, but at least in my mind, they're more support, than members of a band. Also, like I mentioned yesterday, Acid Bath was his only band to have any kind of growls, or heaviness. So, if that's all you like, sorry. I'll be back Tuesday, and will post something completely different then. For now, however, here are some samples.

Agents of Oblivion - Wither

Agents of Oblivion - The Skeletal Circus Derails This song is from their demo. It's also actually a cover of a song performed by another of Dax's band's, Daisyhead & The Mooncrickets.


Technically, I should have posted this before Agents of Oblivion, as they were formed before AOB. But as this band didn't release any official albums, it seemed to flow better reversed. There are two recordings of Daisyhead that are known to exist, but to even call them demos would be stretching it. These samples are from their second recording, The Skeleton Circus Derails. Also, note that the pictures shown here were added by the person that uploaded the songs to Utub.

Daisyhead and the Mooncrickets - Ghost of a Ghost

Daisyhead and the Mooncrickets - Downtown

I promise tomorrow will bring some higher quality recordings.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Acid Bath

Well, like I said, I'm hopefully on my way to New Orleans right now. I've been busy e-stalking an amazing musician since I found out my friends wanted to go on this trip, named Dax Riggs. He has been in many bands, but by far, the most famous (Which is still relatively unknown.) is Acid Bath. These days, he is only doing solo shows in Texas and Louisiana. I'm desperately hoping I'll be able to catch one of his shows this weekend, but alas, I believe he is going to be in Texas. Which, since we're taking the train, and not driving, and also going to celebrate a friend's 21st birthday, I can't exactly bail to go see a bar show in another state.

As I didn't know exactly how to classify this band, I once again turned to Wikipedia, and it looks like they too had a hard time classifying themselves.
Acid Bath combined doom metal roots with influences from black metal, death metal, gothic rock, and blues-rock. In a Pit Magazine interview, vocalist Dax Riggs classified their sound as "death rock" (referring to death as a dominant lyrical theme, rather than deathrock), and also classified the band's music as a blending of stoner metal and doom metal. In another interview, guitarist Sammy Duet described their sound as "gothic hardcore".
In any case, the band only got the chance to release two albums before they broke up in 1997. Below are a number of their songs. Typically, I try to post one song per album, up to 3-4. But in this case, I'm going to post more because Acid Bath has some heavier songs, and some really soft ones. They're also the only band of Dax Riggs' that had the heavier songs. Because of this, I almost have to get them in, even though my favorites are the softer ones.

Like my Haggard/Blind Guardian post, I'll try to limit myself, but I'm about to post a lot of songs. Don't feel like you have to listen to all of them. Also, content warning galore.

First, some samples from their first album, When the Kite String Pops. 

This is a heavy(er) track called Finger Paintings of the Insane.

Now, a slow song, Scream of the Butterfly.

Another slow song, The Bones of Baby Dolls.

And finally, a heavy song called Dr. Seuss is Dead.

Next, let's go to their second, and final album, Pagan Love Song.

First up, a song with just a couple growls, Bleed Me An Ocean.

Next, a slow song, Graveflower.

And finally, a *very* slow song, Dead Girl, which I considered leaving out, but it's the song that introduced me to the band, so I have to include it.

One last note, if you didn't notice, I refrained from adding any kind of description to what the songs were about. That's because there are multiple meaning to many of them. You should also not expect much descriptions for the individual songs to be posted on Dax's other bands, which I will cover in the next few days.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bonus post!

We just hit 100 followers, and hit 1,000 views yesterday. I would just like to take a moment to thank all of you for this milestone. Here's to another hundred followers.

An Evening With Amon Amarth

So partially due to me not knowing what to write about next, and partially due to the fact that I'm now going to be going on a trip to Louisiana this weekend, these next few posts will act more as filler. That's what they are. "Filler". Not more band posts, because I definitely promised that was only going to last seven days. This weekend, I have some posts set to autopost. Hopefully that will work.

Many of you liked Amon Amarth. Well, if you're in the US, then mark your calendars, because they're going on tour here during April and May. The tour is called, "An Evening With Amon Amarth". Which, I don't know about you, but it makes me think of Johan Hegg wearing an ascot, in a big red velvet seat infront of the fireplace, smoking a pipe. However, that is not what this show is. Instead, it's Amon Amarth, with no opening band, performing TWO sets each night. The first, of which, is their new album, Surtur Rising, in its entirety. Then, after that, a best-of show. All this, for only $20!!! (At least for the Atlanta date.) Below is their full schedule for this tour.

An Evening With Amon Amarth

4/14/2011 The Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL 
4/15/2011 Station 4 - Saint Paul, MN
4/16/2011 Granada Theater - Lawrence, KS 
4/17/2011 The Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO 
4/19/2011 Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR 
4/20/2011 Showbox Sodo - Seattle, WA 
4/22/2011 The Regency - San Francisco, CA 
4/23/2011 Ace Of Spades - Sacramento, CA 
4/24/2011 House of Blues - West Hollywood, CA 
4/25/2011 Nile Theatre - Mesa, AZ 
4/27/2011 White Rabbit - San Antonio, TX 
4/29/2011 Culture Room - Fort Lauderdale, FL 
4/30/2011 Beacham Theatre - Orlando, FL 
5/01/2011 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
5/02/2011 Jaxx - Springfield, VA 
5/03/2011 Peabody's - Cleveland, OH 
5/05/2011 Best Buy Theater - New York, NY 
5/06/2011 Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA 
5/07/2011 Theatre Of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA

Tickets are on sale now through all local ticket outlets.

Also, so far, two tracks have been released from their upcoming album. Here are those:

Track one, War of the Gods

And track four, Slaves of Fear


Admin asked if there were any UK dates. I thought they had just wrapped up their UK tour, but I guess I was wrong. Anywho, here are those dates:

Presented by ROCK HARD & GUITAR

01.04.2011 (UK) NORWICH / UEA
02.04.2011 (UK) MANCHESTER / Academy 1
03.04.2011 (UK) GLASGOW / ABC
05.04.2011 (UK) DUBLIN / Vicar Street
07.04.2011 (UK) NOTTINGHAM / Rock City
08.04.2011 (UK) BIRMINGHAM / Academy
09.04.2011 (UK) LONDON / Forum


Presented by METAL HAMMER

13.05.2011 (N) OSLO / Betong
14.05.2011 (S) STOCKHOLM / Tyrol
15.05.2011 (S) GOTHENBURG / Trädgarn *
17.05.2011 (DK) COPENHAGEN / Vega
18.05.2011 (D) HAMBURG / Grosse Freiheit 36 (Tickets)
19.05.2011 (B) ANTWERP / Hof Ter Lo
20.05.2011 (NL) AMSTERDAM / Melkweg
21.05.2011 (D) COLOGNE / E-Werk (Tickets)
22.05.2011 (F) PARIS / Elysee Montmartre
24.05.2011 (D) MUNICH / Tonhalle (Tickets)
25.05.2011 (I) MILAN / Limelight
27.05.2011 (D) DESSAU / Metalfest Germany
28.05.2011 (A) MINING / Metalfest Austria
29.05.2011 (CH) PRATTELN / Metalfest Switzerland

*without Black Dahlia Murder

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flogging Molly

So, last Monday, I was supposed to see this band. What stopped me? TicketBastard charging $12 in "convince" fees on top of an already inflated ticket price. Bringing the total to $40. (Oh! but I get a "free" subscription to Rolling Stones magazine..... Retail price: $12.) Now, just as a reference, for this price, I got to see a stadium show co-headlined by Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. (The opener was Murderdolls, which is, admittedly, less known; but everyone reading this should have AT LEAST heard of one of those headliners.) This, however, was at a medium sized club. (The Tabernacle, if anyone is aware of Atlanta's venues.) And also compare this year's ticket to last year's annual Flogging Molly show, which was $15.

So, enough bitching. Let's get on to the music. Flogging Molly is a seven piece Irish punk band. If I HAD to suggest only a single album of theirs, I would say go for one their first two--Swagger & Drunken Lullabies, respectively. (That's only suggesting a single album, right?) I will say that you should probably hold off on listening to Behind the Green Door (Their "real" first album. It was recorded live a few years before they had a studio album.) until becoming more acquainted with the band as the sound quality isn't really the best. So, per usual, here are a few samples of their work.

First up, Black Friday Rule, a track off their first studio album, Swagger.

Next, the title track of their second album, Drunken Lullabies.

Now, back to Swagger, for a slower one...
Also, bonus points to anyone that recognizes this from SGU. (And many other shows/movies.)

Oh and hopefully we'll be getting a new album in May.

And so, we end our little excursion through weird music. My computer is overflowing with more of this stuff, so I can't guarantee that I'm ending this for good. For now, however, it's time to move on to something else. What that is, I have no clue. I guess we'll both find out soon enough.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Skindred is a band from all over the UK that has described their style as "reggae metal". Really, it's more of a mix of metal, punk, reggae and what ever else they feel like throwing in. I saw these guys open for Disturbed a number of years ago, and they pretty much stole the show. If you're lucky enough to be in the UK right now, I believe they are opening for Rob Zombie on his current tour.

Here is a track, Pressure, from their freshman album, Babylon. I will say that the sound quality isn't the best, but it's all I could find on Youtube.

Next is Trouble, from their album, Roots Rock Riot.

And lastly, we have the opening track, Stand For Something, from their latest album, Shark Bites & Dog Fights.

Also, take note that if you like these guy's they have a new album dropping this year called, Union Black.

Obligatory commercial "love" holiday post

I now bring you the one reason why you should  acknowledge today as anything other than just another average day.....Because without Valentine's Day, we wouldn't have had this.

Original here.

Haggard | Blind Guardian

*edit 2*
Before you read any further, let me apologize for adding almost a full hour of video to this post. Don't feel that you have to watch everything. Carry on...

Well, my origional plan was to put up a post about Haggard, a German symphonic death metal group. They often incorporate death metal into classical pieces played on a full orchestra. (Pending on the album, there has been between 16 and 21 official members, plus guest musicians/singers.) But, because many of you have let mention that death metal isn't your thing, I'll split this post among two bands. Haggard, and my favorite band, Blind Guardian.

First up, is the track Chaper Three: Awakening the Centuries, off their second album Awakening the Centuries. (Which is a concept album about Nostradamus.) Warning for those with ADD: The run time here is 10 min.

Next, Chapter II - Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves, off their latest album, Tales of Ithiria.

Lastly, also from Tales of Ithiria, is Chapter IV - The Sleeping Child.


Blind Guardian is a German power metal band that is most famous for their album, Nightfall in Middle Earth. (A two disc concept album about J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion.) Even outside of that album, almost all of their songs are based on literature or history. I will say that this is a band that changes a bit from album to album. So there's no perfect intro-to-the-band song(s) If you do like these songs, however, I would also recommend looking up Demons & Wizards, which is the singer/lyricist of Blind Guardian with the guitarist/song writer of Iced Earth. They've only put out two albums. The second of which is a loose concept album based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.

First up, Mirror, Mirror from the album, Nightfall in Middle Earth.

Next, is Imaginations From the Other Side, which is the title track off their fifth album. It's asking the question of what happens to your imagination when you grow up? I'm posting the version off their live DVD, Imaginations Through the Looking Glass, because I can't find the remastered studio track on Youtube, and  the vocals in the original are kinda quite.

Next, is a song that is a standard at all their concerts, and the reason the band is sometimes referred to as "bards". The Bard's Song (In The Forest) off the album, Somewhere Far Beyond.

I'm going to have to stop myself there before I post their entire discography. There really is SO much more about this band I haven't even touched. Alas, though, this post is long enough as-is. I hope the softer power metal made up for the death metal before it.


Alright...One more. This one comes in at a massive 14 minutes long! It is in every sense of the word, epic. The track is ...And Then There Was Silence from their seventh album, A Night At the Opera. The synopsis provided by Wikipedia is, "The song is based on The Iliad by Homer and on the Aeneid by Virgil. The events described in the song are the visions of the final days of Troy, as foreseen by Cassandra, daughter of the king of the destroyed city." (SEE? It really IS about an epic!)