Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why Is The Rum Always Gone? part 2

Okay, so it's REALLY starting to piss me off that I've "misplaced" so many photos off my phone. I TOTALLY made a lamp like this a few months ago. (Except, instead of having a brown substance inside, mine had a second, smaller bulb inside that you could choose to also turn on.....It also had a skeletal pirate finger puppet on the top of the lamp.) Luckily, someone else had the same, brilliant idea as me, and I was able to find this photo from HERE. And before you ask why I don't just take another photo....Well, I took it apart because the shade moved around too much. I need to take it to my parent's house where I can repair it.

Anywho, so this week's WRAG segment is going to be about Captain Morgan's Private Stock. Now, before you rum drinkers get on your soapboxes about spiced rum, let me say that there ARE a few good ones out there. This is, in my opinion, one of them. Give me enough coke, and no choice, and I'll drink regular Captain Morgan. Give me a bottle of Private Stock, however, and I may very well, kill the bottle before the night's over.

At $20* for 750 mL, it gets a ranking of about 2/5 on the Broke College Student scale. If it wasn't so damn tasty, and if I could bring myself to ever mix it, it might last longer than a single night. Alas though, I can never allow myself to commit such heresy. (The only thing you should ever mix this drink with is a few ice cubes.) If you can make it go a bit further though, then go ahead and add another half point to that score.

On the drunkability scale, I'll give Private Stock a 4/5. At 80 proof, it's not exactly light on the feel good juice. Combine that with the great aroma and taste of vanilla and molasses, and you may very well wind up drinking more than you intended.

*Like I said, last week, Your Millage May Vary. (YMMV)

edit before I crash.....I'm still not "back". Hopefully I can finish my work sometime today. In other news, autopost is awesome.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Video of the Whenever I Feel part 2

I tried to avoid this, I really did. But once I saw this spoof, I couldn't stop myself. Also, you know a video has officially gone viral when your teacher has found it, and is excited to show it to the class. (Not a spoof. The original...Which I will not subject anyone here to.)

Also, I know last week's Why is The Rum Always Gone? was posted on Sunday, but that was my mistake. I meant for it to be posted on Saturday. So, you'll have that to look forward to tomorrow.

AND.....One more thing. I keep thinking about how short this post is, so I decided to also throw this song your way. I've thought about posting it before, but this is sadly the only song of hers that I have, so I couldn't make a full post out of it. This is Flip Grater's Be All And End All. I heard it in some awful zombie movie that I immediately got rid of. I'm only glad that I wasted my time and money on it because I found this song.

One last edit:

I was swamped with homework yesterday, and it doesn't look like it's gonna be much better this weekend. (And that free concert isn't really helping.) So, I promise I'll eventually get to all of your blogs, and all that, but it might take a while.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


HammerFall is a power metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. I actually saw these guys play ProgPower last year. I have to say that they put on a really good set. If any of you play WOW, Samwise Didier, the guy that painted several of their album covers, is also the Art Director of Blizzard Entertainment. As tribute to the band, in the game, there is a Horde town in the Arathi Highlands zone named Hammerfall.

I'm afraid that this will be a band that won't win anyone over if they aren't already a power metal fan. If that's you, then you should know that there will probably be something completely different tomorrow.....However if you DO like power metal, and are thinking about going to ProgPower this year, PLEASE read that post that I keep linking and get in contact with me....And yes, I will continue to whore this out every time the opportunity presents itself. I want to win free Gold Badge/VIP tickets to ProgPower for life!

First up is Blood Bound from one of their best albums, Chapter V (Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken).

Next is the title track from their 2000 album, Renegade.

And here's A Legend Reborn, which is another song off of Renegade.

And finally, here is Any Means Necessary, from their 2009 album, No Sacrifice, No Victory.

Actually, I was going to end it there; but I just saw that they're planning on releasing a new album, Infected, in May. This is the first single, One More Time. Personally, I'm not too impressed. I'm hoping the rest of the album is better.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


GWAR is a heavy metal band that has been around since the mid 80s. They are most known for their outlandish outfits and insane stage shows. They have gone through MANY band members over the years, but for the most part, the characters that are portrayed have stayed the same.

According to the GWAR mythos, GWAR was created over 100 billion years ago by the Master of All Reality. An ultra-elite group of warriors gathered from the lowest dregs of filth, the group raped and pillaged their way across the universe and finally arrived on Earth. Once on Earth they killed the dinosaurs, created Stonehenge to use as a croquet court, and sunk Atlantis. Displeased by their actions, the Master banished GWAR to Antarctica, where they lay entombed in ice for millions of years, until a hole in the ozone layer (caused by excessive use of hair spray by poofy-haired 1980s rock stars) released them from their icy prison in 1985. Free to roam the Earth once more, GWAR returned to their goal of world domination-this time as a rock band. Their most recent adventures have involved getting killed, and taking over Hell. (Beyond Hell), then raising a zombie army to take over Earth (Bloody Pit of Horror).

Here's one of my favorite songs by them, Penguin Attack. Also, since it's a live video, it will give you a taste of their shows....As for the content. Well, the above paragraph should clue you in a bit on what's in store.

Next is a cover they did a few years ago of Alice Cooper's School's Out. This video, like most of their material, makes me lol every time I see it.

Next is an obviously dated video, Fucking An Animal. The quality might be a bit low, but it's still an hilarious video.

And lastly, here is Zombies, March! from their latest album, Bloody Pit Of Horror.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sucker Punch soundtrack

So on Saturday, I went to see Sucker Punch with some friends. My eyes were about 10 inches in diameter, and my jaw was on the floor for the entire movie. It is nothing less than two hours of pure, concentrated awesomeness squeezed onto film. I don't want to say too much about it, because part of the fun is wondering what craziness is going to appear next.

What I WILL talk about is the soundtrack. Every song in the movie is a remix. (And really good ones, if I don't say so myself.) Also, I realize that one reason I liked the soundtrack so much is because it did such a great job enhancing the movie.....Which doesn't transfer over to this post at all. So, I should say that while I do like the songs by themselves, they are obviously much better in the movie.

First is Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by Emily Browning

Next is White Rabbit by Emiliana Torrini

And lastly, Where Is My Mind? by Yoav featuring Emily Browning

And while I'm typing this, I'm noticing that there is a pattern between Zack Snyder (The director) and awesome soundtracks. I haven't seen the Owl movie he did recently, but all of his other movies have great soundtracks. Dawn of the Dead had Johnny Cash's When the Man Comes Around, and Richard Cheese's cover of Down With The Sickness. Watchmen had Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A Cangin'. And 300's score was simply epic as hell.

I promise tomorrow I'll get a metal post up. I've just had this album playing in my head all day long.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Alestorm tour dates

I have here Alestorm's WORLD tour dates. Granted, very few of these shows are headlining acts, but it's still going to be awesome to see them. And most of the dates, they're opening for Kamelot, which I personally love....Not only that, but since Kahn (The lead singer for Kamelot.) isn't going to be on the tour, the lead singer for Rhapsody (of Fire) is going to be taking his place.

I just want to say, "Fuck you."to England, Slovenia and Czech Republic for getting them with Metallica, Rhapsody (of Fire) and Blind Guardian, respectively.......I also see Voyager, Vader and Amorphis on there, but those aren't AS important to me.

One last note, I realize that this is, for the most part, repeating information that I mentioned in my Kamelot post. (There are a few different dates here though.) Which is why I didn't post this when I found it. But, with enough of you saying that you enjoyed Alestorm, I figured I would post their full touring schedule.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why is The Rum Always Gone? part 1

So, this is something I've been meaning to do. A weekly segment on what I'm drinking. As I really like rum, I can see this segment primarily showcasing rum. Today, however, I will not talk about a rum. Do you know why? BECAUSE ALL THE RUM IS GONE! (And, for that, I has a sad.) So, in lue of rum, I am drinking what I call a poor man's screwdriver. Get some Crystal Light Sunrise, or any other orange powder mix. Make a highly concentrated solution (Or to taste.) add vodka (In my case, 100 proof Pinnacle.--Yes, this post was written directly after yesterday's. Ergo the vodka mention yesterday.) and a splash of sprite.

Pinnacle is a fairly decent vodka. It gets even better when you factor in the "broke college student" factor. At $18 for a handle*, you won't be needing a bank loan to get drunk. By itself, it's drinkable, but a bit bitter. When it comes to mixes, however, Pinnacle is your man. There's a feint burn, and just enough taste to remind you that you're drinking an alcoholic drink.......Unlike Bernetts, which turns into a fucking ninja when mixed. I might mention this vodka later. For now, let's just say that it was the first drink to give me a hangover....The next day I could taste my headache in class.

That's about all for this post. There's a reason I haven't started this series before now. This post pretty much covers the drink (and more, even) but still seems short to me.

*A note on prices: I live in Alabama, and in addition to having high sin taxes, our liquor stores are state owned. Your prices may be different.