Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Kamelot is an American power metal band from Florida. As with a lot of power metal, the vocals are typically clean, and a lot of the lyrics tell stories. In fact, two of their albums, Epica and The Black Halo are about Geoth's Faust.

Because Kamelot have released nine studio albums, (plus a re-release, live albums, ect) I'm only going to cover their latest four albums. This also keeps me from covering their first three albums, which had a different singer, and in my opinion, are inferior to their work with Kahn. And speaking of Kahn, he has apparently gotten sick and/or found religion, and as such hasn't toured with the band since this past summer. Which not only wasn't the best timing with a new album that had just dropped, and tour dates that had been scheduled. Including, but not limited to ProgPower XI, a two-day festival that a friend and I got gold badges (one step below VIP tickets) for, primarily because they were headlining the first night. Fortunately, the band did play the show, and Michael Eriksen from Circus Maximus sung that night.

And since Center of the Universe was the song that I was going to post from Epica, and that is the one video that is on the interwebz from ProgPower XI, I might as well post that version. (Extra tidbit: Eriksen only had three days to rehearse with the band for this show.)

Next, is The Haunting, from the album The Black Halo. Not only is The Black Halo a squeal to Epica, but Simone Simmons from the band Epica performs some guest vocals in this song.

This next song is the title track from Ghost Opera. If anyone wants to go out and pick this album up, I suggest getting Ghost Opera (The Second Coming) instead. It's a re-issue with a live bonus disc.

And finally, we have The Great Pandemonium, which is the opening track on their latest, and darkest, release, Poetry for the Poisoned.


  1. never heard of them before, thanks for the videos.

  2. man, thanks for sharing, this is really great

  3. Fall of Troy's last album was just one big story as well, in fact the songs are just called 'Chapter I' through to 'Chapter VI'.

    Might check these guys out, but I still think power metal has had it's day...

  4. don't like them :D


  5. These guys are pretty awesome. I've definitely been in the mood for some power metal lately; thanks for the post!

  6. nice they remind me of Dimmu Borgir

  7. Center Of The Universe is my favorite song by Kamelot :D

  8. is this ''power metal''? Its what I hear when I go to sleep...
    but I do listen to it =D Great band man!

  9. I am from Florida, and I remember these guys first starting out. They have a great talent, and it's awesome that they have world recognition now!