Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mixes and Mashups

So, a while back I was on Stumble Upon, and found THIS. While I can't say all of his stuff is exactly my cup of tea, I will say that this man is quite talented, and there are more than a few tracks that I have fallen in love with. Here's a few of those. This first one, especially, I haven't been able to get out of my head for the past few days.

The Beatles Vs Nine Inch Nails - Lets All Cum Together On Her Face
 The Beatles Vs Nine Inch Nails - Lets All Cum Together On Her Face (mix\mashup) DJ Zebra by Mixes and Mashups #1

Rage Against The Machine VS Electric Six - No To The Gay Bar Idea

Black Sabbath vs Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Ozzy Love

And, as much as I hate rap, I have to admit that this (And a few other mixes) sound great...

Ludacris Vs Nine Inch Nails - The Shaky Hand That Feeds Your Fantasy


  1. HiHi Nice Song BRO!!

    I wait on my BLOG!!!


  2. Rage against the machine was my favourite but they're all good.

  3. The one from Sabbath and Zeppelin is awesome :)

  4. the ZepSABBATH mashup was awesome.

  5. Alot of these are actually pretty good. I heard one the other day that was a mashup of the Police's "Message in a Bottle" with Coldplay's "Fix You", and it was an awesome frikkin song. Don't know about mixing Sabbath with Led Zep though...that's like mixing vodka and whiskey..

  6. check out "Replica extended mix" by Afrojack its a great mashup

  7. And I didn't want to check the one from RATM, but I liked it too.

  8. I liked them all but for the last one.
    mashing rap works with everything - tends to bore me.
    Unless it's 50 Cent with Thomas the Tank Engine - search on youtube, very amusing.

    I expected to agree with Aaron about the whiskey/vodka thing, but the Zep vs. Sabbath was very well done.