Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Demons & Wizards

Okay, so Demons & Wizards is a super group that is composed of Hansi Kürsch, who writes the lyrics for Blind Guardian and Jon Schaffer, who writes the music for Iced Earth. As such, they can't really be classified as European or American power metal. What they CAN be classified as though is awesome. While I do love Hansi's voice, what makes Blind Guardian my favorite band are the lyrics. As I've mentioned before, and as I'm sure you've gleaned from my posts, I love stories. Hansi almost exclusively writes about literature and history. When he deviates, he's typically making his own stories.

The only complaint I have about this band is that they have only released two albums since 1999. Also note that their first album, doesn't really have a uniform sound. Some songs sound like Blind Guardian, and others sound like Iced Earth. Not that that's bad, per say, but their second album is a bit better, in my opinion. First off, I'm a sucker for concept albums, and it's a loose concept album of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. Also, they created a more unique sound than they had on their first album.

First, one of my favorite songs by them, Fiddler on the Green, from their first and self titled album.

Next, The Whistler, which tells the story of the Pied Piper, but with a darker, more twisted ending.

And since these were softer songs, here's a harder one. (Emphases on the "ER".)

Moving one to their second album, Touched By The Crimson King, this is a song that is in the same vein as Fiddler on the Green. There are multiple theories on the meaning in this song, Down Where I Am. One interpretation is that it's a song about a new father that just found out his kid has down's syndrome. Another theory that I've heard is that it is based on the Arthurian legend, and is speaking of the relationship between Arther and Mordred. And then there's the loose connection to The Dark Tower. It could be taken as the feelings of Mordred (Deschain)'s mom had for him. In any case, it's a very powerful song.

To bring things up, here's a song that's obviously tied to The Dark Tower, Terror Train.

And lastly, Dorian, which is about The Portrait of Dorian Grey.


In other news.... Remember when I posted about ProgPower XII? Well, this was posted on the ProgPower forum. I'm not really expecting this to lead to anything, but if any of you ARE considering going, then by all means, please give me a heads up. I'd love free gold badge/VIP access for life!

That's right...Gold Badges for life! Our biggest contest to date is also one of the most simple as well. The rules:
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This contest will not be listed on the official website. It is intended for regular forum, facebook, and twitter followers.


  1. While I'm not huge on Power Metal, I do usually enjoy the countless solos and catchy choruses. I think a lot of music, especially rock, is an acquired taste though. There's so many different styles and genres within genres. I'm giving it a chance.

  2. Blind Guardian kicks ass... that's all I have to say!

  3. I have never heard of these til today XD

  4. Well Power Metal is the BEST Mertal ever so I thank you kindly for this blog


  5. Hansi Kürsch is today's modern bard :D

  6. These guys are new to me so thanks!

  7. I used to be into these guys during my Blind Guardian kick, of course!

  8. Never heard of them before, but I like 'em!

  9. Very nice music! But I must admit I never heard any of this before =D

  10. never heard of them too but I kinda like it

  11. Dude I love you. Terror Train is probably THE best piece of music written!

  12. ^^btw I fixed the image in my blog, if you want to still check it out

  13. hey they're actually not too shabby. nice.

    by the way, has anybody ever really donated to you since you put that up? just curious, not hatin [=

  14. Arcita: Nope....You wanna be the first?

    It actually fits my personal motto very well. "Expect nothing. Turn down nothing."