Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break

Okay, so next week is my spring break. As such, I don't know how much I'm going to be around a computer. I'm not going anywhere, per say, but I will likely be out of my apartment. Or drunk. Or most likely, both. As such, I am turning autopost on, and turning moderation for comments off. I'll still check out all your blogs, and reply to comments, but it might take longer than normal.

So, since I need a list of ideas to post about, I figured I'd go through my Top Ten list on bands I'd like to see before I die. By the way, this really isn't in order.

1. Blind Guardian (I made a post about  them over here.)
2. Iced Earth (Sure, I posted one song, but that doesn't really count...I'll start here tomorrow.)
3. Demons & Wizards
4.Tool (Already)
5. A Perfect Circle (Posted)
6. Puscifer (These)
7. Rammstein
8. Amon Amarth (We're going WAY back now, aren't we?)
9. System Of A Down
10. Kamelot (Not so far back now.)

An interesting point: With the exception of APC, the bands that I have already posted about, are also the ones that I have already seen.

EDIT: I don't think this really deserves its own post, but enough of you got turned onto Amon Amarth that I figured I'd add this here: For those of you that enjoy the soothing sounds of Amon Amarth, I just found out that their new album has just hit the interwebz. While I won't provide a link, if you've come this far on your journey of the internet, you should be able to find it.


  1. I cant say I heard of any of your top 10 that bad of me?

  2. I'll give you a break on a few of them. Others, however, I'm gonna have to go with, "Yes." ;)

    If you're interested in them, I provided links to the ones that I already posted about. The rest, I'll cover in the next few days.

  3. Cool, I saw A Perfect Circle back in 2004.
    They put on an awesome show.

  4. spring break
    party time

  5. I know who some of them are. Not really my cuppa tea. Wouldn't say no to seeing Rammstein live though.

  6. spring break cool
    following and $upporting

  7. hope you have fun at spring break! i gotta month still to go...

  8. I think you might be a Maynard fan...

  9. Rammstein ought to have some impressive pyrotechnics in store.

  10. i really enjoyed seeing tool, myself

  11. LOL. I remember Wayne's World! :)

  12. Have a good Spring Break, my friend. You have more than earned it!

  13. Can't wait for more Iced Earth posts. Please post The Coming Curse, I 'll love you forever

  14. I can't wait for spring break XD

  15. Sorry man, i only recognize system of a down:s