Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So far, I've posted largely unknown bands. I decided to change it up today, and post one that I hope most of you have at least heard of. Tool is one of the three bands that Maynard James Keenan sings in. (The other two, in order of creation, are A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.) Tool is a progressive rock band that was founded in 1990, and have since only released four major CDs. (They've also put out an EP and a live CD/DVD.) However they have said that they are working on a new album, so hopefully that will be released this/next year.

First up, one of their most famous songs, Sober, as seen live at the Reading Festival in 1993. I decided to post this clip, as not only is the song great, but also, it really speaks to how much talent Maynard has to see him that fucked up on drugs and not miss a single beat.

For their next album, AEnima, I couldn't decide on only one song. I eventually narrowed it down to two tracks, the title track (Which is probably my favorite Tool track) and Third Eye. An interesting note here is that both these tracks are based on the works of the late comedian Bill Hicks.

Their third album Lateralus, carries the theme of the Fibonacci sequence. One of the songs, Schism incorporates this in how the chorus is spoken. (see below)

Black | 1
Then | 1
White are | 2
All I See | 3
In my in*fan*cy | 5
Red and yell*ow then came to be | 8
reach*ing out to me | 5
Lets me see | 3

There is |2
So | 1
Much | 1
More and | 2
Beck*ons me | 3
To look through to these | 5
In*fin*ite poss*ib*il*it*ies | 8

As bel*ow, so ab*ove and bey*ond, I im*ag*ine | 13
Drawn out*side the lines of rea*son | 8
Push the En*vel*ope | 5
watch it bend | 3

Lastly, their fourth album, 10,000 Days brought a song about Maynard's' mother, who was paralyzed for the last 27 years of her life (10,000 days). The song was cut into two parts as it's pretty long.

Wings For Marie (Part 1)

10,000 Days (Wings, Part 2)


  1. I love Tool, I have like 5 shirts, all the albums (yes... even Salival... paid too much) and so far only one show

    they have lots to see and search for in the music, very entertaining.

  2. I really enjoyed that. I'm just showing my support.

  3. I've never listened to any of Tool's music until, I've heard talk though.

    They aren't bad, not really my thing, but not bad.

  4. That's funny, I was just thinking of making a post about the Fibonacci sequence in "Lateralus" today. =D
    I really haven't listened to Tool or Puscifer enough, though. Thanks for the vids.

    Tool always reminds me of this middle-aged guy with long hair that I worked with at a printing factory. His favorite things were martial arts and Tool. He was awesome. His daughter worked there - she was my age and really hot and in a band, and she bought the same style of car as me except in black. Wish I had been more outgoing, lol.
    /semi-related pointless personal story

    I responded to your comment on Technicolor Typecast, you can go see if you'd like! =D

  5. It's been quite some time since I last heard Tool.

  6. Interesting post BRO!!

    I wait on my blog!!


  7. omg tool! they are awesome, i think ill download some of their song for my ipod

  8. Great post, interesting music. never heard of them I don't think. (Can you tell I'm not much of a music person? lol)


  9. Tool is quite amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

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  11. Really like some of these songs!

  12. not really mine, maybe the next time ;)


  13. cool never heard them before - cheers for sharing

  14. damn i dont really like how they look...

  15. A friend of mine is so fanatic with Tool, I started liking them now lately

  16. not really a fan man, but great post!

  17. tool is one fine band. Listen to them while driving..

  18. Diggin' Aenima right now ^^