Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gay Paris

Gay Paris has been describes as, “if Sabbath was injected like cortisone into Tom Waits' rump then [this] is what he would barf!” Which actually sums them up rather well. The band has recently released its first album, The Skeleton's Problematic Granddaughter, and ever since, it has spent a great deal of time playing on loop for me.
“We're bringing art back to music and rock back to rock n' roll. We're putting the Devil in a sweet red dress and heels made for cloven hooves and makin' God dance with him until they put their differences aside and make sweet, blasphemous love in plain sight. We know what the people need even if they don't want it yet.” - WH Monks, frontman for Gay Paris
My First Wife? She Was A Foxqueen!

House Fire In The Origami District

This last song, Soliloquy from Ether Station is one of my favorite songs from the album due to its somewhat hellish bluegrass/gospel sound.  

 08 Soliloquy From Ether Station by PressRecordOnline

pre-posting/post-writing edit:

Okay, I'm getting pretty tired of using this excuse, but once again, the notion of cramming an entire semester into 14 school days tends to take up a very large portion of  my time. This time around, it looks like the juggernaut of the class is a 15+ page paper. (In addition to tests and homework.) At least it's a physical class though. Still, I've spent four years in college avoiding writing papers! (At least those that weren't tied to the English Competency Exam.) I hate "forced writing". I can do it when it's on my terms, but between writers' block, and a tendency to answer questions in as few words as possible, I've never been all that great when it came to assigned papers.

Anywho, at least for now, I will have to simply reveal my gratitude for the abundance of seafood, and take my leave. Hopefully I'll be back when my workload decreases. (This may, or may not be during the summer. Given my track record thus far, I will make no more promises.) I still think I have a couple albums/bands that I really wanted to post earlier, so I might get around to posting those soon-ish, and sparse updates are always a possibility, but I have no clue when you can expect regular updates again.


  1. Pretty wild band! The singers voice does remind me of Tom Waits a bit! I hate writing papers with a due date too =/

  2. like the name? they are ok :)

  3. I'd rather just have Tom Waits tbh <3

  4. I agree with Erika. : /
    Although I do also like Sabbath.
    The quote is pretty funny though.

  5. This kind of music is really amusing.

  6. sounds like fun, but i do like clean vocals , like Zakk's